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Miyah's Page



~For the first two months of updates on Miyah, you'll have to visit our China website by clicking here.  We moved her updates over here, to the family website, in 2005 so that website is completed and we most likely won't be adding to it anymore. 


One Year Ago Today!
(11/07/04) at 12 months old

Today (11/07/05)! Happy Family Day!!
See how I've changed!

19 months

Megan and Miyah Dec 2004

20 months

Miyah's 2nd Birthday

Nana and Bumpa's Birthday gift
I love my horse!!

At the Pumpkin Patch

Time with my Nana

In the Smokies with Grandma and Papa

Miyah in birthday dress 11/05



It has been 3 months and 1 week since Miyah has been home!  She is now 15 months old and quickly catching up on all those motor skills.  She has been in physical therapy two times a week for two weeks now, and after the first week she was crawling (the real crawl), pulling herself up and cruising on the furniture, getting down from standing, going from prone to sitting and vice versa.  It has been amazing to watch!  She is so much happier now that she can get around and explore more easily.  She's almost a different child.


Hmm...other new things Miyah is doing:  She says "Miyah", barks, meows, imitates many other animal sounds, says "a-ba-bub" when we get to the "up above the..." part of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, makes hand motions for Eensy, Weensy Spider, colors, continues to add sign language, calls Matt's name loudly and repetatively.  She also loves to read books.  Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon. 


Miyah now has 13 beautiful teeth.  You may remember that she had an underbite when we first got her, but her underbite is gone now and the front teeth that were recessed and misaligned a bit are now straight.  I don't know how that happened, but I'm hoping that means less ortho work in the future.  We will also be proud to tell the dentist how much she LOVES to brush her teeth.  She makes a "shshsh" sound and rubs her finger back and forth across her teeth to tell us she wants to brush.  I think she just likes the taste of the toddler toothpaste.   


We had noticed for a while that Miyah didn't make a lot of eye contact when being fed her bottle, but looked at our mouths or somewhere else instead.  Recently we began to noticed that she just didn't like to make eye contact with you while you were holding her.  We'd call her and try to put our face in hers while holding her close and she let us know she didn't like that and would try to divert our attention by pointing at something in the room.  We recognized this as a normal attachment issue - something that can be common to institutionalized, but were a little concerned and so decided we needed to work on some attachment.  I began to put her in the carrier more often during the day while I was doing chores and began working on eye contact through games and by praising her when she did make contact (praise is very effective with her).  She loves the carrier and will sit in it for hours without making a peep - not too surprising since she loves to be held.  Amazingly, after being carried around in the carrier for quite a while, she did less crying when we did put her on the floor to play and seems like a happier girl.  It's like she needs to "recharge" by being held and then she's happy and willing to play on her own a while.  Her gross motor skills kicked in around that time too, which surprised me because I figured too much time in the carrier wouldn't give her the time she needed on the floor working on her motor skills, but the opposite seemed to be true. She is also making eye contact while being held now.  We saw a huge difference in just the first day of purposefuly working on this.  We've learned that we need to "retool" in regards to our parenting this child.  The first year of her life was so different and we can't expect her to respond and behave like our other two.  But she is more like a normal kid than not - that is for sure.  She is happy and very loving.  She is even becoming more snuggly and snuggles while we rock her.


The stranger anxiety has not changed, however.  Our poor physical therapist, Monica, gets an earful everytime we visit.  Miyah is very charming from a distance - she waves to everyone she sees - but doesn't like many strangers to get too close.  This is actually considered a sign of healthy attachment and is a good thing right now.  It means she distinguishes us from strangers and is understanding that we are the people who take care of her.  Our social worker said she would be concerned if she went to anyone indiscriminately. 


We had our post placement visit with our social worker last week.  China requires a report of each child after they are home for a few months. Miyah was so crabby while Susan was here.  She just cried and asked for things that she didn't really want the entire time.  We talked to Susan about the attachment issues and she will be sending us some more literature, but thinks what we are doing is good.  Susan is great and we are blessed to have her as part of our support network.


Well, we continue to talk about going back to China.  We all really enjoyed our trip and we can't wait to go back (and hopefully come back with another little sister).  We have stayed in contact with a couple of Chinese friends we met via email.  We love hearing what our friends are doing in China.  They are celebrating Chinese New Year right now and many of them are away spending time with family.

4/07/04   Five month anniversary (17 months old)


Sorry we didn't post a four month update.  Our computer crashed last month (lost everything)  and it took several weeks for Sony to fix it.  Thankfully, we are up and in business once again.  It's hard to believe we once functioned without computers.


Miyah is doing so amazingly well.  I believe when I wrote last she was having some attachment issues.  I am so happy to say that besides a bit of somewhat normal clingy behavior and separation anxiety, she is much, much improved.  A lot of prayer, holding and eye contact made all the difference. 


She is becoming such a busy little girl, too.  After a few weeks of physical therapy she was crawling, pulling up, cruising and finally WALKING!!  She began walking just shy of 16 mos.  We thought she'd never do it, but the physical therapy was extremely helpful and she progressed so quickly it was like watching her motor development in fast forward.  Every day was something new.  Gaining all that independence has made her so happy.  Watch out world, here she comes!  


She is talking a lot more now too and everyday she adds to her repertoire.  One day this week she woke up from her nap and parroted everything we said.  She was saying apple, pear, all done, and dog.  Today she began saying hi and potty.  The potty was a shocker.  I thought she may be telling me she had to use the potty, but it's really just a fascination she has with the water and all the flushing noises the thing makes.  We can't seem to teach her to say Grandma though.  Both sets of grandparents came to visit last month and she has been able to say all their "names" for some time except for grandma.  


We've taken Miyah to a couple of story times at the library and she loves them.  I was surprised when she sat through the entire 30 minutes, but there were puppets and songs and she just danced and clapped along.  Today we saw a marionette show at the library and that didn't hold her interest quite as long.


I've posted some new pictures in a photo album instead of this page.  You can view them here, if you haven't found the link already. 


5/07/05   Six months from adoption - 18 months old


Miyah is doing incredibly well.  She is talking like crazy these days.  We are participating in the Harvard study for language development in internationally adopted children.  So when we filled out the language form this month, we were surprised to find that she is saying about 50 words.  She still communicates with signs, but her language is definitely coming along. 


We took a little vacation to DestinFL last month and she loved the sand at the beach.  She got her first cold (since she's been with us) and wasn't feeling well that whole week, so it was a little less fun for her than it could have been. 


We've started a little playgroup of mother's and their Chinese daughters and we are enjoying getting together at the park once a week.  Miyah has several little adopted friends that are very close to her age.  The girls are so sweet together and we moms just love to get together and chat.



June 12, 2005  19.5 months old

Miyah went to the doctor for her 18 mo checkup a few weeks ago and she was 19 lbs. (not on the Am. chart) and 29.5 in tall (on the chart at 5%!), with a head circ. of 45 cm (20%). She is still a little peanut. She still wears 6-12 mo clothing and a size 3 shoe. The doctor says that is just going to be her. She'll probably always be petite.


She's developed a little bit of eczema, but we are hoping that lots of lotion will help.  She is otherwise very healthy.  The poor thing got five injections...not a pretty sight.


She is beginning to talk a lot.  She says over 70 words (I have to count them for the language study we're participating in through Harvard) and comes up with a new one almost everyday. My favorite is airplane (pronounced without the "l"). She is happily working on her jump, and thinks she's a superstar at it though both feet rarely leave the floor.  She shows everyone she meets her jump.  She is quite the entertainer.   


She is just getting over a throwing phase. For a while she would throw things when she was mad and spent many minutes on the naughty chair for it. That is completely over already.


Her favorite things are her blankie and "Dee Dee" the stuffed Panda that Pat's parents gave her for Christmas.


One of my favorite new things....she's sleeping in in the morning!! I knew a morning person couldn't last at our house! For a while she was getting up at 5:30 or sometimes a little earlier and I'd have to try get up and get ready before her. Well, now she is down to one nap, staying up a little later, and sleeping in won't believe late as 9:30 am, but usually between 8 and 8:15! What a great summer break this will be!

Our subdivision has a great pool and Miyah is quickly becoming a little amphibian.  She still doesn't like to put her face in the water or get dunked, but she loves to splash around in the water.  We've had a lot of rain and our cul-de-sac has perfect splashing puddles so tonight she went out in only her diaper and shoes and ran around in the muddy puddles with Megan.  She had a ball!



Miyah is 20 months old and has been home for 8 months already.  She seems to be thoroughly enjoying the long summer days and loves to spend as much time outside as possible.  She loves water!  She loves the pool, the watering can, the hose, the dog's water dish (ick), and the bath tub.  We now have a routine of watering the flowers after breakfast.   Pat and Megan planted some veges in the garden and Miyah and I have been giving them some much needed water due to a long drought here.  Miyah also loves to find and eat ripe strawberries in our small strawberry patch.  We are quite a sight in our "jammies" each morning.... Miyah soaking wet, dirty, and smelling of strawberries and me wet and sporting bed head.   

Miyah has just begun giving us real hugs...the kind with little arms wrapped around the neck!  It melts my heart when she reaches those little arms up and wraps them around my neck. 

Miyah has changed some of her words to a form of pig latin lately!  While she once clearly said words like "DaDa" (Daddy) she now says "aDah".  And water is "Awah".  She puts an "ah" sound before some words.  She still very clearly says many words like "owie" (while simultaneously signing) and has figured out to use it when she wants attention or someone to pick her up.  Pretty smart, but I'm onto her and just pat her or kiss her head when I know she's faking.

Miyah celebrated her first 4th of July as an American citizen.  She loved the fireworks and said "more" anytime there was a delay between them.

Yesterday the neighbors let us borrow their baby carrier/bike trailer thing for the back of Pat's bike.  Miyah loves it and wanted to "ride" to church this morning!  Now her favorite word is "ride!".


**November 7, 2005      It’s Family Day!  Read more  on the “What’s New” page.


Miyah celebrated her second birthday last weekend (Oct. 29).  It’s hard to believe she’s two already.  We had a little party with her playgroup.   Three other little Chinese girls had their birthdays this month so we combined their birthdays with a little Halloween party.  The girls dressed in their costumes and had birthday cake and some playtime.  They were all  so adorable in their costumes.  We also had a small family party with Grandma and Papa.  Grandma made her an adorable lady bug cake.  She really enjoys birthday cake.  Anytime we mention the word “birthday”, she says “cake!”. 



Besides playgroup, Miyah is also in Chinese School once a month.  She has a wonderful teacher who teaches them Chinese language and culture through songs, stories, games, and crafts.  It’s fun for Mom, too. 

Miyah still LOVES books and would read all day if I had the time to sit and read to her.  I have to keep buying new books so I don’t get bored.  Right now her favorites are Green Eggs and Ham, Go Dog Go, One Fish Two Fish.., I Spy books, Mrs. Wishy Washy, and Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear.  She has learned all her colors, most shapes, counts to ten, and even names some of her letters!  She's a little sponge.  She is quite the little monkey, too!  She’s always finding something to climb or crawl around on these days.  About a month ago she began doing forward rolls all over the floor.  She also LOVES football.  Imagine that!  With a brother playing and a game on the t.v. more often than not, she gets her fair share.  Anytime she sees football anything she yells, “football!” and then cheers and says “Packers”.  She’s officially brainwashed!