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What's New *Updated 12/18/05
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Welcome to Our Family Website


We hope you enjoy our little website. 

We started it as a fun project for the kids as well as a way to keep family and friends updated on what is happening in our household. 



Photo albums here.

China trip albums:

Beijing pics

Gotcha Day pics

Adoption Day pics

Dianbai pics (our visit to Miyah's orphanage and hometown)

Miyah's Video


Sign our new guestbook!

 We are excited to announce that we have completed our paperwork (sent to China 2/03/06)  for our second adoption and will occasionally post updates.  The wait for referral has increased since our first adoption and we don't expect to hear anything for close to a year (a very long year). 


  The kids each have their own page where you can drop in and see what they are learning in school and read about their latest interests.


Thanks for visiting!


Miyah 11/05

Matt and Megan Christmas 05